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Jazz Review

Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Do it with style, or don't do it at all! That's Jazz's motto and his choice of alternate Earth mode reflects that. This cool cat Autobot transformers into a very detailed Pontiac Solstice GPX with a nice, shiny paint job.

Jazz's rear bumper, which forms his legs in robot mode, is a little misaligned but it does not interfere in either form. Jazz's gun can attach to his spoiler and act as a mounted laser cannon/machine gun.

Jazz's transformation is rather simple, but you can get hung up when transforming his arms which are his front wheels and hood.

The automorph gimmick on Jazz comes into play when you push down the car top which raises the head and pushes out the grill to complete the transformation.

The robot mode is moderately accurate to the CGI model from the movie.

The spoiler is used as a shield attached to his shoulder and the gun can be attached to it and act as a shoulder mounted weapon.

Jazz's gun, which is advertised as a telescoping sword, is attached to his arms by unfolding them and clipping it upside down onto what would be the underside of his head light. From there, you can extend the barrel to make it a sniper rifle, or a machine gun.

Jazz stands just a little shorter than the Deluxe class Bumblebee, fitting perfectly in scale with his fellow warrior. But still looking fine!

You need to be careful with the gun as it can not be stored in Jazz's body. But at least you don't have to place it between his legs like you have to do with most other Transformers from the line, which is pretty creepy.

All in all, Jazz is ready to kick some Decepticon can with a rating of 4 out of 5!

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