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Mary Jane Review

Mary Jane
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Sandman Series
Mary-Jane Watson is well known as one of the hottest women in comics. Portrayed by Kristen Dunce the toy based on her likeness would be one of the best looking female figures (pun intended), of all time, right?

Let me quote Lex Luthor here...WRONG! This figure looks like Kristen Dunce if she was hit in the face with a Pinto. Again. And again. And again. She was a dumb, dull smile on her face and poorly done eyes. The hair is probably the only good thing about this monstrosity. Soft and flexible, it could be used for a number of other figures much more effectively. Not to mention the poor choice for costume on her, an ugly brown dress and boots. Mary-Jane's arms lack the double hinge unlike her knees. Mary-Jane's waist seems far too thin, almost anorexic in appearance, which is in stark contrast to her very wide hips. The long skirt limits her movement. She comes with a base with clumps of sand over it and a wooden plank she can hold as a weapon. The most she can be used for is fodder for a custom.

Half a star out of five! After this, I'm pretty sure the guys over at Hasbro have never seen an actual woman.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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