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Smokescreen Review

Transformers - Alternators (Hasbro)
Lair, cheater, compulsive gambler, all these things and more sum up the heroic Autobot Smokescreen! His friendly personality allows him to get close to his allies and then report back to Optimus Prime on how his troops are feeling about the current operation.

His flashy Subaru Impreza WRC helps this mission by making 'bots warm up to him even faster! One thing is for sure, his cool alternate form did that for me!

Released in 2003 as part of the first wave of Alternators, transformers that transform into highly detailed brand name cars, Smokescreen is frighteningly accurate to the original G1 action figure.

His interior in vehicle mode is highly detailed, showing even the meters on the dashboard. The hood lifts up and shows of an engine that becomes a gun in robot mode.

In robot mode, anyone that had the original toy or watched the cartoon will see the strong resemblance, Alternaters Smokescreen incorporates design elements from both. Two spring loaded rocket launchers can be mounted on his shoulders, however, these were only released with the Japanese Bianltech line, the counterpart to the Alternators toyline.

Smokescreen features a large amount of articulation, but this is offset by the seeming fragility of the toy itself. The plastic that make up the window's feels like it will crack and break if you are not to careful when transforming it.

Over all, this toy gets a four and a half out of five.

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