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Iron Monger (Super Fist Smash) Review

Iron Monger (Super Fist Smash)
Iron Man - 2008 Movie (Hasbro)
A big, mean killing machine describes Obadiah Stane's suit of powered armor rather well. Reversed engineered from Tony Stark's original Iron Man Mark I prototype armor used in his escape from the Ten Rings camp, the Iron Monger warsuit towers over the other Iron Man armors in the line, but is not in scale with the actual movie.

Visible, Iron Monger is armed with a missile launcher on its left arm and a flame thrower or maybe a mini-machine gun and possible a mini-laser cannon-thing above it. Unfortunately, these are sculpted and not movable.

Four fingered hands have a small circle in their palms, representing a flight stabilizer and repulser. The shoulder pads are soft and easily flexible as to avoid messing with the arm articulation, which is splendid by the way.

Iron Monger has articulation coming out the wazoo! His hands can rotate 360 degrees, has double hinged elbows, his biceps, legs, and shoulders have swivle joints, the knees are single hinged, as are his feet.

The coolest feature on this Iron Monger is the opening cockpit which contains a none removable torso of Obadiah Stane, which is similar to Jeff Bridges, the actor who portrayed him in the film.

Over all, this toy gets five stars out of five!

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