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Green Goblin Review

Green Goblin
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Unleashed
The cackling, high flying, pumpkin bomb hurling, super powered menace known as the Green Goblin is brought to terrifying life in extreme detail and possibility in the first wave of the Marvel Legends Unleashed 360 line of action figures.

Coming with a single pumpkin bomb, dual pumpkin bomb purses (which you can't fit a dang thing in!), Goblin Glider and smoke trail stand, He seems to be ready for an all out brawl with the webhead! If he didn't keep falling over, that is.

This guy is seriously unbalanced. His height, combined with the very light weight construction of the stand, means this guy will be tipping over constantly unless he's attached to the stand that come with Spider-Man.

The figure itself doesn't have good balance either, making it difficult to stand on it own! The Pumpkin Bomb is easily lost, not having a clip or anything for the hand.

However, The Green Goblin's articulation makes up for this, allowing a number of poses on the Glider. I usually balance him against my computer monitor to prevent him from falling over, so until you have the Spider-Man base as well, I suggest doing something like this.

The eyes are probably my favorite feature on this guy. Red and piercing, they invoke the fear that the Green Goblin inspires in the comics with just a hint of insanity. But, really, we are talking about a guy who dresses up in a garish green and purple outfit and used to fly around on a broom, so insanity is kind of a requirement.

Green Goblin gets four stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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