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Superman Review

Reactivated (DC Direct) - Series 1
Rocketed from a dying world, the infant Kal-El landed along side a Kansas road and was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Adopting the strange infant from space, they raised him as their son Clark Kent amd instilled within him a strong sense of right and wrong.

Upon reaching maturity, Clark Kent found that under the rays of a yellow star, he had numerous powers including super strenght, flight, super speed, x-ray vision, telescopic vison, microscopic vision, heat vision, super breath, super hearing, and was neigh invulnerable.

Deciding to use he's powers for the good of mankind and the world at large, Clark Kent dones the disguise of Superman and sparks of the Modern Age of Heroes!

DC Direct has rereleased this stunning action figure that represents Truth, Justice and the American Way to its fullest! Standing tall and proud, this Superman features sixteen points of articulation at his wrists, biceps, shoulders, head, waist, legs, knees and feet! For anyone familiar with the DC Direct company motto which is "Oh my God! Can we actual make its arms move?!" this is freaking amazing. By any standerds, it still is pretty dang cool!

The face is finly sculpted with a stern, yet warm and comferting look and powerful gaze.

The sheild on my figure is rather poorly painted with flaxing edges, but this will vary from figure too figure. When I took it out of the package, in a similair event to what happened to Dr. Nightmare, the right hand fell off. Yeah for superglue! Boo for poorly made joints!

For fans of the S on the cape, a yellow sheild is sculpted onto the back of the cape.

Over all, this figure gets four stars out of five! A good addition to a Superman collection if you missed the first release.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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