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Conan / Wrarrl Review

Conan / Wrarrl
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - 2-Packs

Wrarrl is a soul devouring demon that plauged the ancient world, coming in contact with Conan the Barbarian on numerous occasions. Weilding terrible magic that could transform one into a slug like manifestation of the soul and incredible pysichal strenght, Wrarrl is truly a foe to be feared!

Now, Wrarrl is reborn in the modern world as a plastic action figure! Beware! Supremly detailed and faithful to his comic book depiction, Wrarrl is much taller to the Conan figure included in the two-pack set.

With a face that looks like it was run through a meat grinder a few thousand time, and glowing red eyes and mouth, the Devourer of Soul's truly has a horrifying visage!

His sparse armor is finly crafted with a rusted appearance to add to his ancient and antiquated feel.

The loin cloth that gaurds Wrarrls more delicate areas is tattered and made to look like he's standing with a breeze coming in from his right hand side, similairly his cape is done so as well.

His helmet has a little troubling staying on, but it still fits his head, adding to his menacing apperance.

Slung over his shoulder is his Big Bag O' Souls with a slug-like creature, a human turned into a soul manifest, trying futilly to escape the breakfast table.

The Devourer of Souls cursed sword is cracked and chipped in all the right places to make it look like it has seen numerous wars and battles. The pommel is covered with a twisting design and two golden skulls on both sides.

Over all, Wrarrl The Devourer of Souls gets five stars out of five!

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