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Arcee Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro)
In her first appearance in The Transformers: The Movie, Arcee was one of a select few female Transformers and to a very small few, a disturbingly hot Transformer.

Before Energon, Arcee was only avalible as either none Transforming mini-figures or statues and one Blackaracnia Transmetals repaint figure. Now, Arcee once more lives in the form of a speed bike.

Her head is very similair to her original head from the 1985 movie, and her paint job includes the same light pinks and white, but with a touch of black and translucent red.

An energon chip attaches to her gas tank, chest in robot mode, magnifing just barely her Autobot insignia.

A crowsbow made up of her tail pipes attaches to her inner arms, but the bulk of the darned thing makes posing her with it a small hassle, but well worth the wait when you have her standing victoriesly over a fallen Terrorcon!

The spring loaded missle in her crossbow gets decent range. If you have her movie toyline counterpart, Energon Arcee transforms much like her follow up in that toyline, but a bit more simple.

Over all, Energon Arcee gets five stars out of five! Transform and Girl Power! Did I just say...Primus...

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