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Megatron Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro) - Super Class
Ressurected from within the bowels of the dead Unicron, Megatron is more powerful than ever! Weilding a devistating cannon that can operate on its own accord of his body as a mini-tank and power energon saber, Megatron is ready to destroy his cursed enemy Optimus Prime once and for all!

Transforming into a Cybertronian attack ship, Megatron has an overwelming arsonal at his disposal. Mounted on his shoulders are twin swiviling laser guns. In vehicle mode, the guns act as its main weapon in conguntion with the tank that attaches to the back and lasers on his nose cone and wing tips!

In robot mode, by placing the rear end of the tank inside the up turned ships nose cone, an energon sword is attached to it with lots of noise and shining lights.

The body is pretty much a homage to the Generation One Galvatron, but retains the Generataion One Megatrons color scheme.

The transformation sequance is simple and not a lot can go wrong when switching between the three modes.

Energon Megatron features four modes. Vehical mode, hyper vehical mode which you simple open up the wings, Robot mode, and Hyper Robot Mode, which you move the guns on his shoulders down and iopen the wings again.

A missle fires out of the tanks barrel, but the spring is on a freaking hair trigger, so even the slightest breeze will make the thing shoot of and you probably loose it for about two years before finding it lodged inside your computer. Yes, that happened to me. HOW it got inside, is beyond me.

Over all, Energon Megatron is awarded four and a half stars out of five! Transform and Conqour!

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