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Spider-Man Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Sandman Series
Back when Spider-Man 2 was released, a toy that I absoultly adored was put out as part of the toyline. Coming with a wall mounted base made to look like a bulletin board advertising a copy of the Daily Bugle from the first Spider-Man movie, it had massive articulation and a stunning paint job. However, this was later smashed to bits by a high fall and weak sides.

This is essential the Super-Posible Spider-Man from the Spider-Man 2 toyline with a knew paint job and a horrible malformed left knee.

Instead of a deep red, this Spider-Man has a bright pink colorization and light, silver paint on the webbing instead of the black on the original. A few coats of paint and some patience will fix this.

Possesing a massive anount of articulation and tight joints, this is almost perfect. Until you get to the horrible leg. It looks like it could fall off at any second. Using a hair dry and cold water will fix this. For more info on this, looks for Doc. Nightmare's tutorial on how to fix joints.

This toy gets four stars out of four.

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User Comments
Unknown User - Sunday, June 29, 2008
I have this figure also and it''s my favrorite so far.

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