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Massacre vs Full Assault Superman Review

Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner) - 2-Packs

From across the Galaxy, Massacre has come to Earth to battle the last surviving Kryptonian, Superman! With his ability to see nerve impulses and superhuman strenght equal to Superman's own, can the Man of Steel survive against his alien foe? This action figure two pack allows you to decide!

Massacre is a red skined mountain of muscle and tissue, towering over the Man of Steel. He features five points of articulation and his head was probably meant to move, seeing as how there is a joint there and all, but his dreads and shoulder pads prevent its movement.

On his right knee, several silver knobs are sculpted on the knee pad. His gauntlets which produce super-hot plasma blasts are nicly detailed, especially given the era in which this toy was produced.

Massacre's eyes are milky-white with black eye-liner. Apparently alien gladiators that can travel at the speed of light have to look their best for ravaging worlds and slaughtering their champions, right?

The cape on his back is detachable and flexable. However, the pegs that attach to the back are very stubby and could easily wear down.

His left fist is a tight fist while his right hand his in a grasping position that you could probably fit Superman's cape in, but probably not.

Over all, Massacre gets four and a half stars out of five.

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