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Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime
Transformers - Robots in Disguise (Hasbro) - Super Class
Marking the first time any Transformers franchise ever attempted a hard reboot, Transformers: Robots in Disguise has no connections to the original Generation One Contiunity family. This version of Optimus Prime was one choosen at the end of the Great War between the Autobots and presumably the Predicons to weild a powerful Energon Matrix, one of many in this reality along side his jaded brother Ultra Magnus.

After arriving on Earth to prevent the Predicon Megatron from gaining access to the lost Autobot base Fortress Maximus, the Cybertronians took on Earth forms to blend in with the primitive planet. Optimus Prime chose the form of a fire engine, ironiclly filled with Blazing Justice.

Having many forms, RiD Optimus Prime features impressive articulation and weaponary. His basic robot mode has little to it, but his nicly detailed with rivits and plating on his seemingly hollow legs and arms.

The head is almost a spitting image of the G1 Optimus Prime's famous mug. You may attach two rocket packs made from his fire engine trailer to his shoulders for a little more impressive form.

By using all pieces from his trailer to form armor, you can transform him into his Super-Robot Mode were his ladder/water cannons become a power laser cannon. A trigger on his ladder will flip out all four of his missle launchers at the same time and fire them.

Unfortunaly, this form is very top heavy and tends to tip over a whole lot.

Optimus Prime can also combine with Ultra Magnus to become a very large and excedingly powerful Omega Prime, or God Fire Convoy depending on your choice of language. But, like Prime's Super-Robot mode, this guy is very, very, top heavy and will topple at a moments notice so I would advise finding some kind of brace for him.

Over all, RiD Optimus Prime gets four stars out of five.

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