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Massacre vs Full Assault Superman Review

Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner) - 2-Packs
(Full Assault Superman)

Right on to things today, Superman's costume is in tatters, the cape torn and burned in several places on the back, the most prominant on the lower edge which looks like someone bit through it.

His right arm's sleave is gone up to his elbow and a patch is missing from his abdominal section, showing off his sixpack. This isn't just lack of paint, but actual sculpting around the edges to show how his costume was damaged, so I have to applaud that. Other than that, the rest of the Man of Steel's costume is intact.

Superman's eyes are nicly painted with no visible flaws I can detect. The hair is long and curly, just like the style Superman was drawn with at this point in time after his death.

The Last Son's neck can move left and right. The arms and legs have typical articulation from the time period, able to move foreward and backward, but not much else.

The figure's waist is a little loose, and the nubbs that hold the cap on the back are very fragile so be careful when handling it, or else they will tear.

Over all, Full Assault Superman gets four and a half stars out of five.

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