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Lizard Review

Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 1
After an experiment meant to regenerate his lost arm, Doctor Curt Connors was transformed into the horrible Lizard! With strenght, speed, and agility rivialing Spider-Man's own, can the web-slinger stop The Lizard and save Curt Connors from himself?

Twelve points of articulation, incredible sculpt and a tiny tinnie picture of the original face of Doctor Connors ala Steve Ditko on The Lizard name tag, what is not to love about the Lizard?

Well, for one thing, the son of saurian can't stand on his own worth cow poo! I had the misfortune of purchasing this fellow without a stand. Appaerntly it was either not put in at the factory or one of the employies cracked the case, took the stand and resealed it. I'll take the factory explanation.

Thankfully, his tail acts as a wonderful kickstand, able to turn all the way around with a little bit of work to get past the lab coat.

The Lizard can move at his shoulders, elbows, waist, top of the legs, knees, tail, neck and jaw so you can get some pretty cool bitting poses out of this little bugger.

On the underside of his swept back lab coat are two square holes which I take to mean the originl release of the toy included a peg stand thing...whatever you call it, in conguntion with a base.

The paint application is nice with cool yellow eyes with twin black slits as iris' and scally green skin shaded just so.

His lab coat is perpetually flying behind him, which I take to indicate he is either running, or likes standing infront of large fans.

As mention previously, an I.d. tag on his left breast depicts Doctor Curt Connors as he first appeared with his name written beside it. I applaude these people!

Over all, The Lizard gets four and a half stars out of five!

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