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Vega Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 2
After cranking out more reviews than I thought had in me, I found myself in the hold of a number of Realm Credits. Shrugging, I decided to splurge and bought Vega from the store.

After a brief period of confusion and embarrassment involving a backspace key, a fist fight, oranges and bestiality (not entirely sure how that one got in there), I received it on July 02, or today if you will. After taking a moment to savor the unique smell of this toy, I tore the package open with my hunting knife, careful not to damage the flimsy little piece of paper that makes the back.

Once out of the package I was floored by the feel of Vega's hair. Instead of the stiff, hard plastic I had expected, I found it made of what I believe vynl.

The second thing that amazed me was the detail of the sculpt and cleanliness of the paint application. The snake tattoo that wraps around Vega's torso is flawless in its painting.

Vega's deadly claw is nice and straight, avoiding the Wolverine Syndrom of twisted and bent claws. Getting a pair of the claws would allow one to make a nice Wolverine custom come to thing of it.

However, it does not hold well in the hole in his left hand so it tends to slid and slip around. Putting a little bit of super glue on the inside walls of the hole and put the claw in and keep moving it back and forth until the super glue dries and it will creat more friction, thus stopping the claw from sliding around. For more info on this, consult Dr. Nightmare's joint fix tutorial.

The extra head is accurate to the video game model and for an added creep factor, has the Spanish Ninja licking his lips. Like I said, creepy.

Vega has two extra left hands, one is made to hold the rose and the other his more of a clawing, rage filled design.

The rose is surprisingly detailed with individual petals sculpted and patterned like a real rose and a single thorn-like bulge just above the lower leaf, but higher than the highest leaf.

The articulation is nothing to sneeze at! On scale with Marvel Legends/DCSH/DCUC, Vega has the fitting amount of articulation.

Over all, Vega gets four and a half stars out of five! The claw's loose fit hurt it.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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