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Megatron (War Within) Review

Megatron (War Within)
Transformers - Titanium (Hasbro) - 6" Figures
Based on his apperance in Dreamwave Productions first G.I. Joe and Transformers crossover, Megatron roles out in the first wave of Titanium figures as a Cobra Tank.

The design is beauty incarnate with a shoulder mounted gun and fifty-calibur on his other arm and face that looks like it is plucked from the original production art for Megatron from the 1980's!

The transformations is rather simple. From vehicle mode, pull out the tank treds and move them down over the front of the tank, covering up the massive "M", then fold out the two little plastic rectangles on the bottom of his legs to get Megatron's feet.

On the back, fold down the plastic covering until it touches the back and move the reveiled hands into place. The the tank turrent apparet and fold it down over the sides and turn them downward so the the main gun is now on top of the arm and the fifty calibur does like-wise.

Flip the main turret and fifty calibur foreward and pull down the forarms to complete the transformation! Megatron is ready to...collapse under its own weight and poorly constructed conection points!

The legs have a tendency to fall apart mid-transformation and whenever you try to make any pose with them and moving the arms into most positions will case the figure to topple over.

This is really pathetic and hardly worth the buy unless you just want to have him stand stoticly on his base.

Titanium Megatron gets two and a half stars out of five.

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