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Brakedown Review

Transformers - Cybertron (Hasbro) - Scout Class
I got this guy a while back in a double pack with the Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. A typical scout class transformer, Brakedown is small and simple to transform from a Velocitronian racer to robot.

The design seems to be inspired by the canceled Transformers toyline, Transtech which was supposed to continue the Beast Era while ressurecting some of the original characters like the original Megatron and Optimus Prime in new more high tech bodies, specifically the Cheetor design. The paint scheme is pretty neat with a good amount of yellow, translucent plastic making up his sword, window, front and rear wheel and the little hood on the back of his head.

The transformation is pretty simple. From vehicle mode, remove the front top piece with the piece of yellow plastic going down its middle.

Flip him over and you will see his legs and pull those up, detaching them from the arms and straighten them back and flip out the feet.

With the arms now free, move them up and push down the cockpit and front frame until it touches the back. Fold the frame up over the back. Spin the head around and you have finished robot mode.

Take the engine the you previously removed and place it in his hands and then insert a cyberplanet key to make the blade flip out and start combat mode.

Over all, Brakedown gets four stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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