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Earth-Prime Superboy Review

Earth-Prime Superboy
Infinite Crisis (DC Direct) - Series 1
The last survivor of a dead Universe, Superboy-Prime came into his powers at the middle of Crisis that spanned the multiverse on a world much like our own. However, he thrust into the midst of a battle beyond his comprehension with powers he barely comprehended and watched as his Earth was destroyed.

Eventually, he, Kal-L the Superman of Earth-2, and Alexander Luthor Jr. survived the final battle against the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time and slipped into a Paradise Demnsion with the Lois Lane of Earth-2, knowning they had no place in the new Universe that had been born.

However, the bitterness that dwelled in his young heart grew in his isolation with Superman more concerned about his wife's failing health and being shown all the negative aspects of the new, darker world. Because of his own immaturity and possibly a warped Silver Age mindset, Superboy-Prime could not comprehend the shades of gray the dwelt in the world and lashed out with blows that set ripples through the fabric of the DC Universe, altering the past and future.

His prison shattered, and a portal was opened. He and Alex were going to fix this broken world and make a perfect one, and get rid of the faker and show that he really was Superboy!

DC Direct brings us the tragic soul that is Superboy-Prime in a beautifully crafted figure. The face is striking, cold and remorsless with eyes like twin suns.

A tattered red cape hangs from out under his armor, dirty and battle worn.

The suit of armor is modeled after the suit worn by the Anti-Monitor, and constently supplies Superboy-Prime with yellow solar energy to keep him at peak power at all times.

The S-Sheild is drawn over his chest, reaching from one shoulder pad to the other. The colorization is the same worn by Superman after the Our Worlds at War crossover and the one worn by the Superboy of New Earth at the same time.

Superboy-Prime has twelve points of articulation at the neck, arms, hands, legs, knees, waist and elbows, allowing for some amount of poseibility.

Superboy-Prime can be mounted on his display base with is the Infinite Crisis Logo with a peg in it so he can stand.

The negatives of this toy are few, but very pronounced. The S-Shield is painted rather sloppily on mine and the paint bleeding over the little yellow parts on his armor. The hair looks oily and shiny. Little Emo-Prime needs to wash his hair. Yeah, I went there.

The tubes have a nasty tendancy to pop out of their sockets on mine because of poor glue usage. A little superglue can fix this, but it, like paint, will vary from toy to toy.

Over all, Earth Prime Superboy gets four stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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