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Doc Samson Review

Doc Samson
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Hulk Series

where to start..
He's billed at 6'6 380lbs.. so hes a pretty big figure I guess at around 7 inches.

I guess hasbro has the idea of Mattel w/ their figures.. just enough articulation... to my count he has about 20 POA, pretty similar to any hasbro marvel legend... a little restriction on the legs tho.. might take some points off for that.. however. it is our first ML Doc sampson so I'll take it.

over all I think this figure is OK.. the legs being less articulation kinda bothers me... basicaly the same POA as the HML Namor, but namor legs were better.. but I can't helpt that fact that it is doc sampson and I'm pleased to have him...

I think hes fairly sculpted good.. nice big arms, looks like a mother***** u don't wanna mess w/

paint looks good to me.. very simple. not A lot of detail but good enough to pass..

the head is pretty cool too.. also the hair.. nice green wash/dry brush I guess?

overall.. the articulation is ok... the figure is itself is a price to have tho.. if it were another figure I'd score it under a 4, but its doc, so u get a 4.

view more pictures in the checklist!

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