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Hulk (Savage Grey) Review

Hulk (Savage Grey)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Hulk Series
ahh. grey hulk

I gotta say, this is probably the best HML Hulk figure I ever had...

like always, this HML figure has all the articulation u expected from getting a hulk figure.. however his Abdominal/abs area thats a ball point u can say.. is very. very good.. most figures have it and it really means nothing, but this figure can basically do a situp lol like another other Toybiz ML that had a hinge Abs articuation... I was very impressed by that...

Paint - I love the ppaint job on this dude... very detailed. not just plain grey.. he got some shades of dark grey on him too.. nd I love the blue paints.. no purple for this dude.

Sculpt - I love the sculpting.. he looks madddddddddddd... hes bigggggg.. tahts the hulk.. he just looks scary wen u pose him standing straight up w/ his chest all out and his big arms to the side. however I wasn't fond of both hands being wide open.. no fist!? comon hasbro.. he gotta punch someone! like me.. and I'm sure many of u will.. I just molded mine eventually.

Articulation - Articulation is just like any other hulk... but slightly better in some areas... like I said b4, the Abs and legs are nice, but the single pin at the elbows like all ML's now is kinda restricted due to his huge biceps.. no biggy tho. .. the head moves up and down good too w/ no restriction. ... feet and knees are very good and move freely w/ no restrictions.

Overall = if u are to get one figure.. or two.. this has to be one of them.. probably IMO one of the best hulks ever produced.... he can also fit nicely as just a grey hulk on ur shelf.. or also as a Ulimate Hulk.. which I am doing. ..

so.. GET IT! HEY, if it hit NYC already from the west side.. its around you then.

Look at more pictures in the Checklist/ Marvelegends(hasbro)/ Hulk(savage Hulk)

I got pictures there w/ comparison to other figures too.

      by wyLun   Update Review

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