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Superboy Review

Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner)
There was a sound of thunder and the world shook. There was silence in all present. Two gods, Superman and the monster Doomsday, lay broken and dead before them.

With the worlds greatest hero dead in the line of duty, Cadumus saw an opportunity to create a hero that they could control. After modifying human and Kryptonian DNA, and countless failures, Project 13 was completed. When he awoke, he broke out and fled the compound.

Project 13 learned of his origin and determined that he must take up the mantel of his predecessor. Dawning a homemade costume and 90's fad haircut, Project 13 set out to make his own heroic legacy with a youthful flare as the Metropolis Kid, later to be called by a resurrected Superman, Superboy!

During the 90's and early twenty-first century, Superboy had his own monthly title that showed his progression as a kid looking to make a name for himself to a hero dedicated to Truth, Justice and the American Way. And if he could get lucky on the way, that was a big bonus.

Mattel produced this action figure, which is incredible accurate to the comic book character, for the Man of Steel Superman toyline which had a tag line I still can't get out of my head!

Superboy is very detailed and wonderfully painted and detailed. The Teen of Steel had four points of articulation with a swivel joint head, shoulders, and legs.

His two weapons fit on too Superboy's hands rather snugly so they won't slip off to easily. The weapons are pretty cool looking with a nice level of detail.

The paint, like I said before, is spectacular! The S-Sheild is flawless with a nice glossy finish. The S-Sheild on the back of his jacket is even depicted with stitch lines along the edges. THAT is attention to detail!

Over all, Superboy gets five stars out of five!

      by Collector1   Update Review

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