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Spider-Man (Spin & Kick) Review

Spider-Man (Spin & Kick)
Spider-Man 2 - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 3
One of the most memoriable scenes in the blockbuster movie Spider-Man 2 was the train fight sequance between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus with its incredible use of CGI blending almost seemlessly with live action footage.

This toy brings that scene to kind-of-sort-of life with a highly detailed Spider-Man action figure, Doctor Octopus Tenticals and train side base.

The tenticales are highly detailed and flexiable with an interior wire frame. Each tenticale's "Death Flower" is individually articulated and clip on to four slots shaped like the begining of Octavious' mechanical arms.

The train base is nicely detailed with the glass shattering outward in a web cracked style and is very stable.

The Spider-Man toy itself is extremely possiable twenty-five POA! The back of his right leg has a small black lever which when pressed down, after winding the body of course, will cause Spider-Man to spin around at the thigh to "kick" at Doctor Octopus' tenticales.

The paint is a heavy silver on the webs, but not shiny, and is muted y the dark reds, blacks and blues of the toy. It is very movie accurate with scaled under arms, back and legs.

Spider-Man has a little trouble standing on his own, so I would advise getting him a base that he can stand on.

Over all, Spin & Kick Spider-Man gets four stars out of five.

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