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Superboy and Supergirl (with Krypto and Streaky) Review

Superboy and Supergirl (with Krypto and Streaky)
Silver Age (DC Direct) - Classic
(Superboy and Krypto)

Celibrating an age of innocence, DC Direct calls forth the Silver Age versions of some of your favorite characters from that era. This box set contains four figures, the silver age Superboy and Supergirl and mini-figures of Krypto the Superdog and Streaky the Supercat! This review will cover the Superboy and Krypto figures.

Superboy, in his original incarnation as a young Superman growing up in Smallville, USA, stands about six inches tall with a marvelous sculpt done by Tim Bruckner that captures the all American Boy look of the young superhero.

The paint job is nice and clean. Superboy has sixteen points of articulation at his ankles, knees, top of his legs, waist, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and neck. The biceps feel weird when moves and there is noticable seperation occuring between the top and bottom halves of the joint, so be very, VERY careful when moving it. Superboy comes with a swap of hands.

Krypto, Superboy's ever loyal companion, come up to just about the top of Superboy's boot. Krypto's fur is nicly textured like actual fur and the paint application around his chops is top notch.

However, his color is a little chaped and crusty. The cape is made of soft, flexiable plastic.

Krypto has limited articulation at all four of his shoulders and a head that can move left and right.

A replica billboard that was featured in Superboy comics is included that can be swapped out with one welcoming you to Midvale, Supergirl's base of operations.

Superboy has a clip on his back that allows him to be hung in the air to simulat flight.

Over all, Superboy gets five stars out of five while Krypto gets five stars out of five!

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