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Superboy and Supergirl (with Krypto and Streaky) Review

Superboy and Supergirl (with Krypto and Streaky)
Silver Age (DC Direct) - Classic
(Supergirl and Streaky the Supercat)

Celebrating an age of innocence, DC Direct brings us the two greatest heroes of the Silver Age of Comics and their loyal companions, Superboy and Supergirl! This reveiw will cover Supergirl and Streaky the Supercat.

Supergirl stands just a quater of an inch shorter than Superboy and is sculpted by Tim Bruckner as well. The paint application is smooth and invoces a warm feeling when combined with Kara Zor-El's cute face.

The blue skirt is a bit stiffer than the cape, but does not restrict leg articulation as much as I thought it would, though be careful as I've noticed some stress marks on the back of the skirt which could presumably tear.

Supergirl has a good level of articulation at her ankles, knee's, hidden leg joints do to the skirt, waist, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and head. Like Superboy before her, The Girl of Steel has a set of extra hands.

The paint on her belt is a little faded at the little red lines (belt loops?) but like always, this can be easily corrected with a steady hand and proper shade of crimson.

Streaky the Supercat has the same level of articulation as Krypto with moveable shoulders and a swiveling head. The cape, which is essentially a dish towel tied around the orange tabby's neck, makes Streaky even more freaking adorable! BOW BEFORE HIS CUTENESS!

Supergirl has a small tab on her back which you can attach a string to, to simulate flight. The billboard can be switched to eather feature a reproduction of the Smallville welcoming sign or the Midvale welcome sign, Supergirl's stopping ground.

Overall, Supergirl gets four stars out of five and Streaky the Supercat gets five stars out of five, adding up to a soild five for the two figures.

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