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Batman (Gotham Knight) Review

Batman (Gotham Knight)
Batman Beyond (Hasbro) - Return of the Joker
Terry McGuiness, the Batman of the near future will need every advantage he can get if he is to stand a chance against the worst pychopath that the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, ever battled, the Joker!

Thought long dead after a final, cataclsimic battle against the Batman Family, The Joker has mysteriously returned, intent on destroying the new Batman and making sure that he gets revenge on Bruce Wayne!

This Batman action figure, like most of the others uses the same body mold as the Future Armor or Future Knight thing Batman, but with an altered paint job. The suit is mostly show accurrate in terms of color scheme.

A massive, bright red bat rests upon Terry's chest with its wings spread wide like a swooping predator. Long ears mount the sides of the mask and haunting white eyes are sculpted into the head.

Scallops (no not the tastey shell fish!) are on his forearms in Batman tradition. The hands are mostly open and tilted inward.

The overall build is slender, but not anerexic with just enough muscle showing on him to make him look tough.

Twin wings, the same mold used for the Future Armor or Future Knight action figure are attached to his back via a peg and hole system once more. The paint here is more clean than the previous wings, so that is a plus.

The swords, which are really just big freaking syths, are much longer than the previous version, but still cannot be held well in Batman's hands. But, on the better side, the syths are much more detailed and awesome to look at. I'd see if you couldn't find some other toy to hold them.

Gotham Knight Batman features standered articulation at his neck, shoulders and top of the legs.

The best feautre of the toy is, in my opinion, is that it doesn't smell funky!

Over all, Gotham Knight Batman gets four and a half stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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