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Flash & Kid Flash Review

Flash & Kid Flash
Silver Age (DC Direct)
(Barry Allen Flash)

Remembered as one of the greatest hero's in superhuman community before his tragic death during a great crisis, Barry Allen was the second man to use the mantel of the Scarlet Speedster. Inspired by the comic book adventures of his childhood hero, Jay Garrick, after gaining the powers of super speed, Barry modeled his costume and name after him and sought to create his own heroic legacy.

Barry Allen has the ability to move his very molecular structure at super speeds, allowing him to phase through objects such a bullets even when fired at point blank range, and run fast enough to break the time barrier and when aided by the cosmic treadmill, venture into other dimensions as well.

Barry Allen's costume is simple as it is elegant. A dark red for the most of his body, while bands of yellow lightening bolts encircle his wrist's and waist while a single bolt cuts across his chest boldly.

Sculpted on his boots and the sides of his head, wings like those of Mercury adorn him, but are just a little too soft.

The face sculpt is nice, but he seems just a little too pale for my tastes. The Flash's eyes are nicely done and correctly baby blue in color.

The body is all around great with nice sharp curves and a well toned psych suited for someone with superhuman speed powers.

Barry has eleven Points of Articulation at his shoulders, elbows, neck, legs, and his knees and can be posed on the Cosmic Treadmill like he is running.

The Cosmic Treadmill is nicely detailed and looks like it does in the comics. It has no moving parts, so it really is just a base for The Flash and Kid Flash.

Over all, Barry Allen gets five stars out of five!

      by Collector1   Update Review

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