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Flash & Kid Flash Review

Flash & Kid Flash
Silver Age (DC Direct)
(Kid Flash)

Wally West, Barry Allen's nephew, was granted The Flash's powers after the accident that created Barry's was repeated. Wally doned a smaller duplicate of Barry's costume and became his young sidekick, Kid Flash!

Having all of Barry's power, but less precise control over them, Kid Flash hopes to one day become as great as his mentor.

Kid Flash comes as essentially a smaller clone of Barry Allen but with a slightly more bunched up appearance at the belt. The coloring is identical to Barry's. However, the paint it rather faded on the rear of his belt and looks kind of chipped at the chest symbol. This of course will very from figure to figure.

Kid Flash has the same amount of articulation as Barry Allen, so what you can pull of with him, without modification, is pretty much the same.

The face is much softer and a more defiant look is sculpted on Kid Flash's mug. He also has a much less muscular build, fitting his much younger age.

The wings on his head are deformed and sagging on my figure, but this may not be the case with all the Kid Flash's.

Honestly, the worst thing about this figure is his (ironic) lack of irisis! He has solid blue eyes!

Overall, Kid Flash gets three and a half stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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