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Thrust with Inferno Review

Thrust with Inferno
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Supercon Assortment
A brillaint Decepticon tactician with lofty ambitons for power, the mighty Thrust (hehe) has come to Earth to retrive the minicons under the leadership of Megatron!

Aiding in his misson on Earth is his alternate form, an F-35 Lightening II, a plane not to have an offical introduction until the year 2011.

In this mode, Thrust has twin pressure point missles that get a fair level of range, but nothing impressive. A powerlinx port between his rear tail fins allows you to store his minicon partner, Inferno, in truck mode.

In Robot mode, Thrust lacks hands, having his rear engines in place of his hands. Also, the two pressure firing missles are attached to his shins, so he lack projectile weapons in this mode.

A third mode, along the lines of the Megatron and Galvatron toys of this line, involes turning his upper body around, extending his wings which are like a backpack in this mode and attaching a minicon to the powerlink port on his chest. Pushing up and down on the minicon attached to his chest makes his backpack spin around. Truly terrorfing.

Thurst's minicon is Inferno, which is oddly fitting in a dirty joke kind of way, and can transform into a powerful (and super cute) tank with a massive barrel. In fact, when attached to Thrust in jet mode, the barrel (from the from of the rear tailfins) extends all the way to the center of his vehicle mode!

Over all, Thrust and Inferno get five stars out of five. Transform and Rise Up! And begin giggiling like eight year olds.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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