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Beast (X3) Review

Beast (X3)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
One of Profesor Xavier's first students, Doctor Hank McCoy became a leading geneticist studying the mysterious M-Gene which caused the development of superhuman powers in some people. After a "cure" for the mutant condition is weaponized, Hank left his position and rejoined the X-Men to fight for the future of his species!

Beast is highly detailed and articulated, allowing for truly incredible poses in a rather sub-standered line of action figures.

The paint is nice and clean on his jacket without any bleeds or smears. The jacket is made of soft, flexiable rubber but does limit arm movement somewhat, so I had to deduct some points for that.

Beast's hands are in an open hand position which fits his wild and acrobatic fighting style and also refelcts his inner, peacful nature. Okay, so maybe I'm reading more into it than their really is to it. So sue me for being poetic!

Beast's face has a passing resembalance to the fine actor Kelesy Grammer, best known for his roll as Frasier in the 90's sitcom. The eyes are rather poorly done with simple a blue dot in the milky white orbs.

Over all, X-Men 3: X-Men United Beast gets four stars out of five.

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