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Banshee Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
Born in Ireland, Sean Cassidy aka Banshee is the heir to Cassidy Keep, a castle in Ireland, and a small fortune. After tragic events led to the death of his wife, Sean was forced to join the sinister group and commit various crimes until he encounters the X-Men who save his life by removing the explosive head band placed on him by Factor 3 and added them in bringing down the criminal orginization twice.

Later, he joined the New X-Men as one of the first recruits.

This action figure is the second Banshee toy to ever be produced and feautre him in a rough reproduction of the costume worn near the time of his death in the comics.

The toy features twenty five points of articulation. His ankles are what I believe to be hinges. Both his knees and elbows are double hinges while his hands are single hinges. The same applies to his neck and head.

The crunch joint is nice as it doesn't scrap against his paint job.

Banshee's forearms, waist and calves are also swivel jointed.

Sean's hips are socket swivels.

The ribbions under Banshee's arms can be removed rather easly and are made from a moderatly elastic fabric that I want to say is nylon, but it probably isn't.

The ribbions have trouble staying in their sockets whenever you try to position the arms above the head and will often slip out.

The joints are really soft and feel like they will tear everytime I handle this guy. That is a big no-no Hasbro! The paint on his hair is rather bland and is actually strawberry-blonde and not the firey red hair he normally has in the comics.

The eyes are decently well done. The paint that makes up the strip on his chest and back is poorly applied and frazeled on its edges and there is no use of shading applided, leaving it, like the hair, bland and boring.

Over all, Hasbro Marvel Legends Banshee gets three and a half stars out of five. He gets this relitivly high score because he would still make a good fodder body for a speedster type character and this was Hasbro's first attempt at something like Marvel Legends.

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