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Scavage Predator Review

Scavage Predator
Predator (Kenner) - Series 1
A memeber of a species of intergalatic hunters, The Predator's as they are called by the inhabitants of the small planet Earth, have exeptionally advanced technology which they may or may not have devoloped on their own or stole from visitors to their native world.

The technology aids them greatly in their pursute of the Ultimate Game, enabiling to cloak their pressence from the naked eye and destory even the toughest hide with shoulder mounted plasma guns. By far, the greatest weapon in the hands of the Predator's are their shear tenacity and skill in hunting even the deadlyest of prey.

This Predator comes equipped with a bolo gun, mask and battle staff mounted with a human skull. The bolo gun can be attached to the Predators waist via a clip on the rear of the gun, however, because of the clips loose fit on the gun, the bolo gun tends to go lopsided or even pull the clip off the action figure. The Predators arms can be moved up to add support to the heavy alien weapon.

The staff can be held in ether hand by slide the handle and hand gaurd over the open hands.

The mask can be clipped on to the head and is a pretty good hold.

The real gem of this toy is its incredible sculpt. Every detail on The Predator's flesh is textured and the armor is highly detailed and mostly movie accurate. A wrist blade is permanetly extaended on his right arm.

A plasma caster is on The Predators left shoulder with the hair molded to slide over it. The hair is drawn into a ponytail with the band holding the hair togther enscribed with its language. The head has very limited articulation.

Over all, The Scavanger Predator gets four and a half stars out of five.

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