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Hercules Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
Born of mortal woman, Alcmena and seared by the King of the God's, Zues, Hercules was gifted with incredible strength and endurance became a legend on the battle field as he mastered almost all forms of weaponry and became a gifted tactician.

For many years he lived on Earth and fought in countless battles until his death via a shirt coated with the poisoned blood of a Centaur he had slain. After his death, Hercules ascended to Olympus and became truly immortal.

After becoming bored with life on Olympus, Hercules descended to Earth to find a new challenge. Now, Hercules uses his mighty strength to battle the forces of evil along side the worlds greatest heroes!

Hercules stands at just under seven inches. I think its about 6 and 7/8ths inches which is perfect for him. His muscle build would make Mr. Universe look like a 98 pound weakling.

The detail of the sculpt is amazing and the face is excellently executed with actual irisis and a little dot of reflected light that actually line up!

The head is done in such a way, that it appears like a cocky grin in one position, but maneuvered it just a little higher or lower, it because a fear inducing scowl.

Rippling veins cover his arms and are painted with a light coat of silver.

His skirt is made from moderately flexible rubber that probably won't tear without some effort. A pair of greaves are sculpted on his legs with brass buttons at equally space points rise from the leg armor. Hercules' shoes are not lacking in detail either with subtly wrinkles on the sides and tops of them with twin, unpainted, buckles at the top of the shoes.

Hercules' belt buckles is a large oval with a gently curved H in the center. On his right hip, a loop for his mace is attached to both the belt and the skirt.

The belt across his chest can be removed with a little bit of twisting and is very flexible. However, they have the paint scheme wrong with the outer edges brown and the inside area green, when in the comics it is green on the outer edges and brown or gold on the inside.

Speaking of the mace, it is just about 2 and 1/8ths inches long. The handle is moderately flexible and surprisingly detailed. The whole thing is painted a dulled bronze. The middle of the top is made of semi-translucent blue plastic which allows some light to pass through it.

The mace can be fitted in the loop at Hercules waist or held in either hand. However, the hands are just a little to open to hold the mace effectively so it will often slip and slide around in his hand or fall out completely.

Over all, this is the best of the first wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends and I give it a rating of four and a half stars out of five!

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