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Flying Alien Queen Review

Flying Alien Queen
Aliens (Kenner) - Series 2
All right, first thing's first...THAT'S ONE HUUUUGE B@$*^! Yes, I quoted a Rob Snidder movie, all right! I...I used to think he was kind of funny...*ahem* moving on, The Flying Alien Queen is easily on par with the Marvel Legends Unleashed 360 line in terms of size.

The detail is incredible with each bump and groove in its exo-skeletal armor to the crystal like wings on its back, this thing looks like it was pulled out of one of H.P. Lovecraft's novels. Which is fitting as the Alien designer, H.R. Grigger, created the initial designs based on Livercraft's work.

The Flying Queen lacks a lot of articulation, but you quickly forget about it when you are awed by its sheer beauty. The Queen only has a single set of arms that are long and spindly like a spiders, and are armed with long, cruel claws.

The tail can spin around three-hundred-sixty degrees and is fairly faithful to most other alien Queen's. The head rightly huge with the frayed "crown" structure present on all Alien Queens with the addition of a red crest akin to a chickens little floppy thing on its head. Excuse me if I don't know its name!

The wings have a massive span and are truly erry to look at. Almost like frozen bones mashed together in some unholy alter to the condemned. A small button located twixt the two wings can be pressed down to make the wings flap. The mechanism is fairly stiff so don't worry about damaging the hooks or whatever is inside the body.

The paint is delightfully metallic blue and black, providing the classic alien look. Over all, Flying Alien Queen get a solid, acid spewing 5 stars out of five!

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