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Spider-Man (Iron) Review

Spider-Man (Iron)
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 2
So, one day a couple of years ago, I was strollen through Wal*Mart, looking for something that would look good on my shelves. I passed by the rack containing the Spider-Man Origins toy line. And I promptly did a spit take.

I echo Doc. Nightmare at how fast they got Iron-Spider out in toy form! And it is clearly a rush job of the highest catagory.

The figure is very slim and looks like a gymnasts body, something that fits right in with Spider-Man. The figure features a massive load of articulation with each individual finger (save the thumbs) having movement.

However, the joints are so insanely tight, I was afraid to move him to much for fear of breaking him. Only with time and carefully pulls and push did he finally loosen up, but even still, I start sweating when I try to pose this sucker.

The ankle joints are horrible and look far worse than the DC Superheroes Superman I have. The connecting pieces between the feet and ankles are so wide and loose, it is almost impossible to make him stand up straight for any period of time even while using the stand!

The paint job is horribly done, especially one the yellow parts. The Spider Symbol looks far to rounded and soft and the eyes are barely painted at all.

The Waldos (the cybernetic arms on his back) feel so frightfully fragile that I think they will tear if I move them too much!

While comic accurate, The Iron Suit Spider-Man is a horrible miss and I must rate it a rather dismal three and a half stars out of five.

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