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Slugslinger Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro) - Powerlinx Battles - Deluxe Class
Let's make this good and clear, all right? This guy is a pain to transform! The hinges are what make this a truly tricky transformation and you will have to reference the instruction manual at least...five times before you can do it without them.

Slugslinger is a homage, like so many of the Energon line, to his G1 name sake and transforms into a twin nose coned Cybertronian Jet Fighter which according to all laws of aerodynamics, should not be able to get off the freaking ground!

Is paint scheme is similar to the original G1 Slugslinger but with more green and yellow...or is that orange? It's somewhere in between, I can't really tell.

The face is similar to the Batman Villain Two-Face which adds to the cool factor.

The twin nose cones become the Decepticon Seeker's legs while the wings become his arms and the missile launcher seen between the nose cones in jet mode is stored in his back and can be slung over his shoulder to act as a mounted gun for Hyper-Mode.

I don't know if he comes with an Energon chip and extra weapon as I got this guy off the net. I was lucky toy find the basic description of the transformation on the net.

The legs on my Slugslinger have the same trouble as Titanium Megatron. They have a difficult time staying together and Slugslinger will often do random splits. This could be due to his used nature, I'm not sure.

Over all, Energon Slugslinger gets four and a half stars out of five. And that is not because of I have a missile launcher pointed at the back of my head, honest!

Oh yes, I would like to apologize about my Flying Alien Queen review in which I greatly exaggerated her height. I was running on memory of my older brothers figure and it seems that time as exaggerated her size somewhat. Please forgive. Last time I do a memory review.

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