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Emma Frost Review

Emma Frost
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
I want to ask you all, when you buy an Emma Frost Action Figure, do you by it because you want an Emma Frost Action figure or a Joan Rivers Action Figure?! Seriously here folks, Hasbro's rendition of Emma looks more akin to Joan "Walking Cadavare" Rivers than the White Queen from the X-Men comic series.

The face is horrible done and looks nothing like her at all! Well, unless she came down with a severe case of food poisoning, then it is spot on.

her body is also far to thin. She reminds me of the Barbie toys that you would get from McDonald's Happy Meals. Not that I ever GOT a Barbie at McDonalds...moving on.

The elbows are only single hinges, but the biceps can move, but this is pretty much negated by the hard, inflexible cape she has on.

Emma Frost has a swivel torso, but no waist articulation and the hips have a limited socket-swivel style joint. The wrists have single hings. The knees are double hinged and the ankles have a single hing joint.

The cape, as mentioned before, is made of ridged plastic and limits arm movement. It can be taken off by unbuttoning the clasp made up of the X-Men symbol and a final extension of the cape.

Over all, Hasbro Marvel Legends Emma Frost gets one and a half stars out of five. For shame Hasbro, for shame!

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