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Super Patriot Review

Super Patriot
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - Pitt Series
Most variants that we get are usually just a minor repaint and never anything expansive like a completely new sculpt. With Super Patriot, we got lucky! Instead of simply repainting the head, Toy Biz went the extra mile and gave us a brand new head and arms!

The head, instead of just the regular toy's head repainted like the American flag, is actual redone with the cybernetic lines and wires originally covering the head gone and then painted with the customary mask.

The arms have also been switched. The gun arm is now the right hand and the regular hand is his left. The left hand is a completely different design from the original right which had claws in the place of human fingers. This one is far less frightening and looks like a human hand wearing a medieval armor gauntlet. I am not a big fan of the hand as it looks rather flat and stretched.

The right arm gun is also a completely new weapon. The original was more akin to a giant laser weapon or plasma blaster from some obscure sci-fi movie or video game. The variant hand looks more like a combo flamethrower and machine gun. In other words, awesome.

The articulation is other wise the same as the regular action figure and sculpt.

They tried the same shading trick on his shirt but it still looks like he crawled through mud or was hanging his laundry in a dust storm.

The metal parts are still disappointingly dull and barely shaded. I would advise giving it a nice coat of metallic paint and then a wash of a darker color for shading.

I also found out the shoulder pads can move, you just need to jiggle them a little for the hinges to loosen up before you can move them without tearing them up.

Over all, the masked variant of Super Patriot gets four and a half stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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