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Spider-Man (Black Costume) Review

Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Classics - Series 1
After a battle against an army of super villains on an alien world left SPider-Man's costume in ruins, the web-slinger came into contact with a machine that produced a new, black costume that responded to his mental commands, shape shifting into any clothing he desired and it even created its own webbing!

After returning to Earth along side the rest of the worlds heroes, Spider-Man took back to fighting crime in the streets of New York, using his new costume to great advantage. Little does Peter Parker know, that he should have trusted his first instinct and rid himself of the costume because it is in fact alive and it is hungry.

The first wave of Spider-Man Classics brings us a remarkable and beautiful rendition of the Black Costume, a suit which has become one of his most well known and beloved costumes of all time, second only to the classic (sorry for the pun there) red and blue's! The figure is neatly painted and seemingly without flaws. But, of course, they did not have to paint that much, save the eyes, wrap around spider symbol and the white squares on the back of his hands.

Like any Spider-Man figure worth its salt, Black Suit Spider-Man has articulation coming out of the wazzuu, enabling some great poses. You can push back his index and ring finger on both hands into his palms to make the web shooting hand sign. Unfortunately, you can't make a fist with his hands, but if you ever want to pair him up with the Three Stooges, that is fine.

His knees are a little weak so he can't really stand up all that well and will fall down a lot.

His base his a brick wall cut out with the symbiot rising from the wall, threatening to engulf the hapless hero. Combined with the fact that he makes the web shooting pose, it means that this toy represents the period after he discovered the costume was alive and seemingly killed it. Afterward, Black Cat presented him with seven cloth replicas of the costume, saying that the black suit was much sexier.

A translucent plastic rod can be attached to the base and clip around Spider-Man's waist to enable him to stand much easier if you decide to mount the stand on a wall.

The toy comes with a reprint of The Amazing Spider-Man issue number 252, which was the first appearance of the Black Costume and also presented teasers for the upcoming Secret Wars crossover event with the Thing and Incredible Hulk seemingly MIA.

Over all, Black Suited Spider-Man gets four and a half stars out of five.

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