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Peter Parker (Spider-Sense) Review

Peter Parker (Spider-Sense)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Spider Power
You now what is better than the millions of superhero toys? the very few secret identity toys! Seriously, as many Superman's and Spider-Man's there are, how often do you see a Clark Kent of Peter Parker toy? This is one of those rare instances in which one is produced.

This Peter Parker is dressed accurately to the clothes he often wore during the mid seventies done to the ugly lime green t-shirt. The jacket is made of minorly flexible rubber and probably couldn't be removed without cutting the whole thing off.

The right side of his face is half of the Spider-Man mask, a classic usage to show his spider-sense working while he is in his plain clothes.

Peter Parker has seven points of articulation. His waist, knees, shoulders and neck are able to move. The two trashcan lids can be fitted into Peter's hands and attached to the trashcans themselves. Squeezing his legs together will make his arms spring up, typically pulling the lids of the cans and Knocking them over. A bulky, flash camera, typical for the area that this toy represents, is included, but can not be held by Peter.

The paint is nice and smooth with no running or air bubbles. The paints look acid washed, but that is probably just me. The webs on the Spider-Man mask are a little to heavy and the red just a touch too dark.

Over all, Peter Parker gets four and a half stars!

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