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Waspinator Review

Transformers - Beast Wars (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Wazzzpinator izzz the Univerzzzezzz whipping bot! Zzzomthing bad happenzzz, it happenzzz to Wazzzpinator! Why life hate Wazzzpinator!

Wazzzpinator tranzzzformzzz into a gigantic organic wazzzp with nice strippy zzztinger that turnzzz into a mizzzle launcher in robot mode with the mizzzles hidden away under Wazzzpinatorzzz wingzzz. The mizzzle laucher izzz spring loaded zzzo it getzzz good dizzztance to zzzcrap Maximalzzz with.

Wazzzpinator's wazzzp form lookzzz like a yellow jacket with more green. The beazzzt mode head hazzz large blue compound eyezzz which are a little cracked. Probably due to a fall from the zzzhelvezzz in the zzztore or previouzzz owner Wazzzpinator came from.

Wazzzpinator hazzz lotzzz of ball-jointzzz zzzo Wazzzpinator can be eazzzily dizzzazzzembled to replicate Wazzzpinator getting zzzcraped. Why Takara hate Wazzzpinator?! Why?!

Wazzzpinator have two headzzz in robot mode. A robot head and a mutant head which wazzz uzzzed in the zzzhow model for Wazzzpinator and became hizzz zzztandered look for all other canonacal appearancezzz.

Wazzzpinator hazzz a green, black and yellow color zzzcheme with a black and yellow zzztriped zzztinger and outer thighs. Most of hizzz body izzz light green and black.

Over all Wazzzpinator getzzz four and a half zzztarzzz out of five. Hey! Wazzzpinator got through thizzz whole review without-*BOOOOOMMMM!*

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