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Cheetor Review

Transformers - Beast Wars (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Cheetor is the youngest crew member of the Maximal ship Axlon and as such, is full of youthful vigor and a strong desire to prove himself to his older compatriots, especially their leader, Optimus Primal, who he has affectionately nicknamed "Big Bot".

Even though his arrogance and quick temper have often gotten him and his fellow Maximals in some rather sticky situations when battling Megatron and his Predacon band of criminals, Cheetor has proven time and time again that he is a capable warrior and given enough guidance and experience, a potential future leader.

Cheetor was one of the first Deluxe Transformers released in the new Beast Wars series and was originally credited as a combat veteran and one of the elder Maximals. However, after the show aired, his bio was changed to more match up with the shows depiction of him, relegating his original character to a micro continuity.

Cheetor transformers into a (surprise, surprise) cheetah. His beast mode is a pale golden yellow or is it a dusty yellow? I don't know, it's yellow, let us leave it at that, shall we? His artificial skin is covered by black spots and minroly textured fur instead of a simple smooth skin, so he gets some bonus points.

Cheetors cheeks are highlighted by two black lines that go from the bottom his eyes to the underside of his upper lips. The eyes are a pale green with black irisis.

Cheetors gun in beast mode his a water squirting weapon that you fill up and then press a small button on it to fire the water in a short stream. The gun is located on his underside. Yeah, I know it's disgusting.

Cheetor has virtually zero points of articulation in Beast Mode, making what some refer to as a "brick".

Now, on to his robot mode! Cheetor is armed with a gun made out of his tail and butt sections and can also be equipped with the water gun from his beast mode.

If you've seen the cartoon show, then you should know what Cheetor looks like. His beast mode head forms his chest, front legs are relegated to his back, arms fold out from his belly and the hind legs are rearranged into his legs in robot mode.

Cheetors legs feel a little loose to me, but nothing critical and has a far bit of balance, but will tip over if you lean him to much in one direction. Like all early Beast Wars toys, Cheetor has a Mutant and a Robot Head. They used the Robot Head for the CGI Model in the show.

Over all, Beast Wars Cheetor gets three and a half stars out of five. Cheetors brick beast mode and rather disgusting water gun really hurt this other wise great action figure.

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