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Frenzy Review

Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Robot Replicas
Tiny, evil, spastic, crack addict. Frenzy is all these things and more. A Decepticon spy and all around pychopath, Frenzy is not one to cross with his machine guns and high speed razor disk launchers!

The Robot Replica Frenzy is much closer to the CGI model used for the 2007 movie than the previous, none articulated (or limited articulated) toys previously released as accessories with Barricade or the fast action battler toy.

Frenzy is the only toy in the Robot Replica line that lacks Revlotech style joints. This is because of the thinness of his limbs would make them impractical, so, Frenzy has socket joints to make up for it.

Frenzy has interchangeable arms, the regular claws and a machine gun type limb. Because of the different style joints, and size, Frenzy can not hold one of the other Robot Replica toys weapons or arms.

Frenzy has gold highlights on the insides of his calves, toes, hips, forearms, chest and the crest on top of his head. The head sculpt makes Frenzy look rather P-Oed, which works really well. If it didn't also make him look like a robot pug. Frenzy's eyes are mounted on insect like stalks and are painted blue, accurate to the movie.

Frenzy has an action gimmick, the only one in the Robot Replicas line in fact. He comes with a razor disk and is inserted into a slot in his chest, then by pushing a button on his back, the disk is "launched". By launched I mean, tumbles pitifully out of his chest. Even if you get a real good hard smash on the button, the razor disk won't fly all that far.

Frenzy had joints at his knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders and ball and socket joints for his hips. The legs can be removed with a small amount of force and the arms come apart at the elbows so you can set him up with his alternate machine gun arm.

Over all, everyone's favorite tiny, evil, spastic, crack addicted Decepticon spy gets four and a half energon cubes out of five!

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