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Aquaman & Black Manta Review

Aquaman & Black Manta
Super Friends (DC Direct)

The Earth's greatest heroes unite to protect the galaxy from the forces of evil! Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman come together and form, The Super Friends!

DC Direct has released a set of two packs collecting the members of the Super Friends and their arc-enemies from The Legion of Doom! This pack comes with Aquaman and Black Manta and Black Manta's sub-marine...thing. I really have no way to describe, it just looks really freaking weird. This review will cover Aquaman.

Aquaman is mostly show accurate with a smooth shirt, a scale pattern barely visible on it, black trunks, green pants and loves which is all brought together by a huge belt with a large upper case a as the buckle. The a lacks the little bar going between the "legs", but I don't remember is that was part of his costume in the show or not, but it is not really all that noticeable.

Aquaman is about five and one-fourths of an inch tall. Aquaman's left hand is open while is right hand is in a fist with a hole in it that could probably hold a weapon or something like that.

Aquaman looks kind of scary, like an axe murderer trying and failing to hide his desire to dismember you and stuff you in a freeze. This is not helped by his thick BLACK eyebrows and fluffy BLONDE hair that falls down over his forehead in a curl.

Aquaman has nine points of articulation. His knees, shoulders and elbows are hinge joints while his hip joints are peg and hole joints.

Over all, Aquaman gets four and a half stars out of five.

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