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Spider-Man (Spider Armor) Review

Spider-Man (Spider Armor)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Ever since I saw this Spiderman on the cartoon series, I knew I had to have him. This is one of the best Spidey versions ever made. The black body and silver armor plates give him a classic "I'm going to kick your arse and i'm going to do it in style" look. I was very happy to see that Toy Biz didn't just take a basic Spiderman body (Octo-Spidey, Scarlet Spider, Spiderman 2099) and add the armor plates onto it. They actually made an original mold for Armor Spidey and it turned out fantastic!!

On the show, Armor Spiderman had lots of fancy gadgets like wrist lasers, impact webbing, infrared vision, on and on. Of course there was no way to fit so many features on him and keep him in scale with the other figures in the toy line. Toy Biz decided to give Armor Spidey a web shield AND allow him to be able to lauch it!! There is a spring in Spidey's inner right arm on which you can insert the shield and launch it. It sounds pretty tame, right? Well when you start shooting the web shield halfway across your room you'll change your mind. This thing fires far and hard. It can take out an eye if you aren't careful. If the spring ever falls out and gets lost, you can always replace it with a pen spring. It won't shoot as far but it'll get the job done. There is a small hole on his left forearm on which you can attach the web shield when not in use.

I think the paint job on his armor was the right decision. Instead of super shiny armor like the X-men's Silver Samuri had, Armor Spiderman's armor was given a flat silver color. I know flat silver doesn't make any sense, but when you see this figure for yourself, you'll think that his armor is made of real metal.

The only problem I could find on this Spidey is the position of his arms. It looks as if his arms are pinned to his sides...I tried to fix this "stiff" look by loosening the arm pegs so his arms could move slightly to the side. I ended up snapping off his web-launching arm. Instead of fixing the peg, I took a small screw and glued the flat-head part to the arm and screwed in the sharp end into the arm-hole in the body. I should have done it sooner. Now my Armor Spidey can shoot at angles, has broader shoulders, and looks meaner than ever!! Of course he's all messed up now since i did this 6 years ago...but he's still my favorite!!

I hope this review was helpful...:P

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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