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Aquaman & Black Manta Review

Aquaman & Black Manta
Super Friends (DC Direct)
(Black Manta)

The greatest forces of evil in world unite to destroy The Super Friends! Lex Luthor, Brianiac, Solomon Grundy, Riddler, Scarecrow, Cheetah and Sinestro are, The Legion of Doom!

DC Direct has released a series of two packs featuring the members of The Legion of Doom and The Super Friends. This two pack includes Black Manta, Aquaman and Black Manta's ship. This review will cover Black Manta and his sub-marine thing!

Black Manta at about six inches tall by virtue of his huge helmet and air tubes. Black Manta's costume looks like an actual wet suit, a special suit worn by scuba-divers to help regulate their body temperature underwater.

Black Manta's costume looks more purple than black and his helmet is purple instead of the silver seen in the comics and cartoon. The eye lenses look wrong too, I think they were supposed to be red not yellow, but that could just be my head messing with me.

Black Manta's gun can be removed from his hand and is supposed to represent the "Neutron Eraser Gun" from the old Super Friends television show.

The figure has nine points of articulation with hinged elbows, and knee joints while the hips are peg and hole joints. The shoulders are ball and peg joints. The tubes go from his head down to...NOTHING! That is right, I got this guy fresh from the box and what do I find on his back? Nothing except a whole in his back and two dangling tubes. The head was worse, when I tried to move it, it popped right off.

The knees are exceedingly weak, collapsing as soon as I tried to stand him. I see a hair line fracture on the inside rear of his right knee joint.

Seriously, what the #%&^ DC Direct?! I have gotten some damaged and broken figures that have slipped by quality control before, but this freaking ridicules! I have concluded that DC Direct hates me and has come up with a mathematical formula to find out which exact product of theirs I buy so they can make sure that one is pure #$%*! Insane? Yes! Inconsistency with other DC Direct toys I have gotten in the past? Yes! But it is still possible!

Black Manta's submarine is pretty cool and no noticeable damage. The submarine is show accurate with a blacked out cockpit and a stand to hold it aloft.

Over all, Super Friends Black Manta gets two and a half stars out of five. Now if you will excuse me, I have a murderous rampage to go on.

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