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Akuma Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 4
Akuma, the very name means evil, is arguably one of the most powerful warriors on Earth. A master of the Dark Hado and the deadly Shun Goku Satsu literally Instant H-e-l-l Murder, Akuma is a truly dangerous foe to engage!

SOTA toys brings us this awesome titan of raw, surging power, in its fourth wave, or Round as its called, of highly detailed and articulated Street Fighter action figures. The Akuma action figure featured for this review is the black gi and white hair version which depicts the player two colors.

Akuma, from the bottom of his feet too the tip of his hair, six and five eighths inches tall, so he is pretty tall. His skin is painted, that is right painted a tanned or bronze color and lightly shaded with just a hint of papricka. Ah, stop you're moaning, it's my review! I have to say, holy sninkerdoodles! This guy is loaded with articulation. Not to say that the other figures from the line are not, but it is just more noticeable with Akuma do to his size.

He has two joints in his feet, one for basic toe articulation and a swivel joint just before his ankles so his foot can spin around. Akuma's ankles are basic joints that are not too tight or too loose. His knees are double hinged and his hips are dual ball and socket swivels. Akuma has a swivel joint waist and crunch abdomen joint. Akuma's head is also a ball joint, capable of being popped off and replaced with a second, snarling head. His shoulders are ball and socket joint and biceps are swivel. Unfortunately, Akuma's elbows are only single hinge joints. A little part of me just screamed out as it's life was snuffed out. But, it's not that bad. His wrists are swivel joints and his hands are hinged. They can be replaced with a second set of hands that are in a relaxed position.

Akuma also comes with his traditional set of beads which he took from his former master, as well as Ken and Ryu's master, after killing him using the Dark Hado. The beads are not a solid circle of plastic but a series of beads strung together with a thin cord, allowing the rosary to move with Akuma. A red flash of Ki can be attached to Akuma's right hand by pushing the hand down at the hing and then lining up the groove on the interior of the Ki flash with his wrist band and pushing down. This is supposed to simulate his Shoryuken, or Rising Dragon Fist, technique, a staple of the Gi wearing Street Fighters.

Painted on the back of Akuma's Gi is the Kanji "Ten" which has numerous translations, but the official Capcom translation is Immortal.

Over all, Black Clothes Akuma gets four and a half stars out of five.

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