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Batgirl & Joker Review

Batgirl & Joker
Silver Age (DC Direct) - Classic

An age of innocence, of hope, of purity, an age bright as sterling silver. The Silver Age of Comics was all of these and more as we look back through time via old back issues and comic collections.

While some what over the top and at times idiotic, the Silver Age helped to establish the key characters that we still read and enjoy today. DC Direct pays tribute to this era with its series of Silver Age theme sets which depict the characters in their Silver Age costumes and gadgets. This box set comes with the Barbra Gordan Batgirl and Joker. This review will cover Batgirl.

Batgirl is six inches tall, give or take a few millimeters and batarang, and a foot of string attached to a suction cup which is supposed to be a "Batrope". The suction cup doesn't have that much suction and tends to just fall of surfaces, but this will vary from toy to toy. The Batarang fits in her right hand, but tends to slide around a little unless I really push it in good and deep.

Batgirl's body is black with just a hint of gloss, making her surface shiny. The bat symbol on her chest is larger and stretched out over her chest to seemingly highlight her um...*ehem*...assets. Her cape and cowl are typical of what Batman wore at the time, a black face and blue cape.

Her boots are longer and the tops are shaped like the silhouette of a bat. Batgirls utility belt is dominated by a huge bat symbol and on the sides are several tubes that presumably contain mini-gadgets. On her hip is a bright red purse. Why have a purse when she already has a utility belt? Well, she's a woman after all! Ah, possible sexism, gotta love it, right?

Batgirl's hair hangs out from the back of her cowl, a staple of the Batgirl design that was not broken until Cassandra Cain.

Bat girl has nine points of articulation, mostly simple hinges. Her knees, and elbows are hinged while her hips, shoulders, and head are swivel and socket joints.

Over all, Silver Age Batgirl gets four and a half stars out of five. This is a whole lot better than the Black Manta I got.

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