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Batgirl & Joker Review

Batgirl & Joker
Silver Age (DC Direct) - Classic

An age of innocence, of hope, of purity, an as bright as sterling silver. The Silver Age of comics helped save the superhero comic book from completely disappearing from popular culture by reintroducing several characters and differing them for the 1960's and created several new characters that we still love and adore today.

DC Direct pays tribute to this important, if not some times groan inducing and migraine irritating era, with a series of toy's based on the character designs from that era. This box set includes the Barbra Gordan incarnation of Batgirl and the Silver Age Joker. The review will cover the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker!

The Joker stands about six and a half inches tall and includes his famed Joker Cane, the top modeled after his delightfully deranged mug.

The Joker's costume is a purple pin-strip (I think that is what it is called) suit. Over the main suit The Joker has one a green and orange vest which is further covered by a minicoat with long coat tails that reach the back of his knees. The tie is not painted very well on mine and the orange vest looks kind of splotchy, but this will vary from toy to toy.

The suit is wrinkled and creased in the proper places and the paint is virtually flawless. The Clown Prince of Crimes trade mark hair his swept to the side and his eyebrows rather crazy looking, all of which is painted a spinichy green. Yes I know spinichy isn't a real word, just roll with me, alright?

The Joker's smile takes up a good percentage of his face and his large teeth are somewhat yellow, but not diseased looking. His lips are a bright red.

The cane is about four inches long, not entirely sure, I can not remember where I put my blasted ruler. The handle is brown and the tip as a gold cap. The Joker head is painted gold and is a fair replica of the Joker.

Joker has nine points of articulation with his knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and his neck able to move. The head doesn't feel all that tightly attached and could come off if you handle it too much, but this will hopefully vary from toy to toy.

The two toys, Batgirl and The Joker, come with a rooftop base that can connect with the other Batman themed toys in this line.

Over all, The Joker gets five stars out of five!

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