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Megatron Review

Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
Founder of the Decepticon uprising on Cybertron, Megatron will lead the Cybertronian race to its great destiny as rulers of the Universe and the only thing that stands in his way are those accursed Autobots and Optimus Prime!

Megatron has taken the form of a Nerf N-Strike Blaster to disguise himself on the primitive world of Earth. This is clearly what caused the toy company's to tell kids not to shoot at other children, they are clearly in league with the Autobots! The mighty Corperate Who-I uh, mean, Megatron has functioning cross hairs in his scope and the trigger activates a clicking action.

Due to safety regulations, Megatrons blaster mode has bright orange tips on the scope and the guns barrel. These have a tendency to fade in color over time, so I would try and keep it from direct exposure to sunlight, but even that may not keep it from fading.

Megatrons handle and hand grip on the front of the gun transform into his legs, while the barrel tip and the section beneath is actually his left arm while the scope and the area underneath it becomes his right arm and fusion cannon. Megatron's torso hand head is all tucked inside the gun and the sides of the barrel spread open and form a set of wing like constructs.

The paint application on his forehead is suppose to mimic the "eyebrows" on the original G1 Megatron toy, but comes out looking more like a unibrow. He is still moi bad@$$.

Classics Voyager Megatron is a bit of a shellformer, but surprisingly has very good balance, the wings are very light weight but with just enough weight to even him out.

The Decepticon symbol is on both sides of his fusion cannon and his chest in robot mode.

The over all best thing about this Megatron is that longer a walking ad for Viagra. Look at pictures of the original toy, and you will no what I mean.

This message is on a more personal not and is directed to the Geewunners out there that could be reading this. Ahem, SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! THIS IS AN AWESOME FREAKING TOY! DON'T MAKE ME HIT YOU WITH MY BAT! That is all.

Over all, Transformers Classic's Voyager Class Megatron gets a solid five stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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