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Optimus Prime vs Megatron Review

Optimus Prime vs Megatron
Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Battle Packs
(Optimus Prime)

The fearless leader of the Autobot's, Optimus Prime will stop at nothing, even sacrificing his own life, to protect the innocent from the evil forces of the Decepticon's, lead by Megatron. Armed with a powerful Laser Rifle and incredible physical strength even by Transformers standard's, Optimus may be the only one capable of putting an end to Megatron once and for all!

Transformers Classics 2 pack Optimus Prime is meant to try and accurately depict the animation model used in the 1985 to 1986 cartoon series. They didn't do it very well.

Like his original toy, Optimus Prime transformers into a cab over truck. His color scheme is the basic red, white and blue seen on most versions of Prime. In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime's arms prove too short to fully reach the end of his chest and his thighs can not collapse into his legs, leaving them exposed. The same thing goes for Optimus' head, which is also left exposed. His Laser Rifle can be mounted on his "trailer hitch" in vehicle mode to make a mounted machine gun.

An action feature included with this Optimus toy is a "super robot punch!" which is activated by pushing a button his back that causes his torso to swing to the side and simulate a punch.

Transformers Classics Battle Pack Optimus Prime is pretty ugly compared to the Voyager Optimus Prime which is much sleeker and more well constructed than this Optimus Prime. I would only get this if you are a completest or really want the dvd that is included.

Over all, Transformers Classics Battle Pack Optimus Prime gets four stars out of five.

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